Sharon Dhesi is an artist, illustrator and designer who has also toyed with photography, currently living in Worcester.

From early years she always had an interest in the creative world. With influences ranging from artists such as graffiti artist Banksy to Pop Art artist Roy Lichtenstein, her interest mainly focused on art. It was later on in her education that she gained experience and skills within graphics helping to create things such as advertisements, illustrations and animations, working with programmes from Adobe Photoshop to Adobe Flash. She then went onto gaining her BA Degree within Fine Art, working with different mediums (i.e. inks, paints and vinyl), learning that any surface can be a canvas. While the interest and development within art is present, she had realised her real passion for graphics and illustration during her Bachelors Degree. She now is studying her Masters in Creative Media at University of Worcester where she hopes to focus on graphic design.


The theme of journey is present within all of Dhesi's work from the past years. Whether it is through her: composition; colour; lighting or line work, Dhesi at first subconsciously and now knowingly explores the idea of journey within her work both physically and metaphorically.

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